Cost Effective

LANDLOCK® is a fraction of the cost of asphalt, which drastically fluctuates with the price of oil. We use on-site soil/road material, offering savings in excavation, transportation, disposal and labor. Savings can range from 40-70% depending on current methods in regions we’ve encountered.

Our solutions enable all-weather roads for low to medium traffic to be built in rural areas more quickly and cheaply over the life cycle, as well as with lower emissions than conventional asphalt and other road-building materials such as bitumen and tarmac.

LANDLOCK® road technology is being used around the world, improving road development designs while reducing overall cost. Additionally, these roads are helping to reduce the health and safety risks faced by local communities using dirt roads, while also promoting easier access by farmers, students and tourists.

LANDLOCK®'s unique application techniques utilize reclaimers and soil stabilization machines that allow for large scale commercial work to be completed in a fraction of the time. Efficiency is one of the key benefits of our technology. LANDLOCK® exponentially reduces construction time.