Are You Spending Profits on Potholes?

The infrastructure of your parks, is your biggest on-going expense and will often determine annual profits or losses. Are you doing all you can to examine and invest the latest technology that will give you the best long-term ROI?

In the case of roads, your residents use them every day and naturally they will associate the condition of your roads with the overall quality of the community. Having good looking, high-quality roads will justify increasing rents.

The secret to long last roads actually lies out of sight, in the base. If and when there is erosion or pumping in the base, your asphalt will crack and begin to deteriorate. Rain water will penetrate those cracks and exacerbate the problem. When freeze thaw cycles begin, blowouts are inevitable.



The traditional approaches to road rehabilitation are the following: an asphalt overlay or remove and replace (R&R). An overlay, as implied by the word, is nothing more than a short term cover up. This is the lowest cost option but usually the worst use of capital as it does not offer any structural benefit. All issues below will transfer to the surface and cracking is inevitable. The “R&R” process involves 2-4 inches of asphalt being milled out, and then new asphalt is placed. Although a better longer-term approach to the overlay, the R&R also neglects to address issues at the base, still resulting in a poorly engineered pavement structure.

LANDLOCK is changing the game. We provide an environmentally-friendly and highly efficient alternative that addresses the cause of premature asphalt failures.... base stabilization. Through a process called Cold In-Place Asphalt Reclamation, we recycle the existing asphalt, integrate those asphalt millings into the base, thereby creating a rock-hard base that is generally 5-8 inches in depth. Once cured/hardened, this then provides the foundation on which a (reduced) minimal asphalt cap can be placed. And in many cases, the total cost will be less than the traditional approach and the benefit is longer lasting roads that require less maintenance over the years.

That’s why LANDLOCK is called Smarter Infrastructure. Please click here to request a call back to help your park achieve its maximum profitability.


Patrick Bremer
Patrick Bremer

Patrick Bremer is the Director of Business Development for LANDLOCK Natural Paving, Inc. and is based in Los Angeles, California. He has worked extensively in the waste disposal industry and has a passion for environmental conservation and building awareness of critical environmental issues.

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What we do

Road, Aviation & Pathway Construction

runway with black pigment
Building roads, runways and pathways that connect people and places in a smart way is our passion. Whether the work is large or small-scale, domestic or international, LANDLOCK® has solutions that will save you time and money.

Dust Control

yellow truck driving on dusty road
When your fugitive dust problem is coming from your daily operations, like heavy haul roads or material stockpiles, LANDLOCK® has products to meet your needs and ensure compliance. We help you avoid the unnecessary waste of the environment.

Erosion Control

surface road erosion
Water erosion is one of the most destructive forces affecting roads and other surfaces like hillsides, slopes and embankments. Soil stabilization with LANDLOCK® is the answer to reducing or eliminating the erosion that will destroy your infrastructure.
US force plane on runway


OPSDIRT®, Operational Ready Dirt, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LANDLOCK®. It is dedicated to serving all branches of the military and law enforcement with unmatched products and services. OPSDIRT® gives the war-fighter confidence that no matter what the mission or terrain, success is inevitable. Whether building a runway in an austere, forward-operating environment, or controlling fugitive dust and brown out conditions at a domestic training facility, OPSDIRT® has a variety of applications that leverage the LANDLOCK® polymer technology.

Key OPSDIRT® applications include:

  • expeditionary military base camp build out
  • expeditionary aviation & airfield applications
  • landmass stabilization
  • erosion & dust control

Given how much is at stake, it is essential that military infrastructure is high performing. OPSDIRT - DEPEND ON IT.


Throughout the centuries, roads have been pivotal to the development of civilization. It is about time that road construction methods evolved. Through value engineering and the use of our proprietary, polymeric emulsions, LANDLOCK® is able to reduce waste by lowering material and transportation costs, and increase production rates compared to traditional road construction and paving methods. We do this without sacrificing performance or longevity.

Up to 8 times
faster to install
Maximized strength
30% - 50%
Non heated
Can utilize native soils vs
importing new material
Less maintenance
Uses standard road
building equipment
Environmentally friendly

Clients & Partners

Building Together

We started LANDLOCK® to work with organizations who share our passion for reducing waste and who want to make a positive impact in communities near and far. There are a lot of roads that need to be built and LANDLOCK® is definitely in it for the long haul. We would welcome the opportunity to chat with you, so we can decide together, if we are the right fit.